Saturday, February 25, 2006

Big travel plans

It is our 10'th anniversary this year in July. My wife and I had been going back and forth about what to do. We wanted it to be special. And we wanted to make a decision soon to avoid the Oh well let's just go to a dinner and movie syndrome. We were going back and forth about doing something totally uncharactertistic for us like a cruise or warm-beach vacation vs cycling oriented like travelling to Italy or France.

Beach/cruise would be fine for a day or so, then we'd be bored out of our minds. Italy was just so expensive to fly to. I could take or leave Europe but my wife did want to go someplace cool. We finally decided on this trip. And booked it quickly.

Copper Canyon - Mexico

We leave next Saturday. Bikes have been shipped out. Passports in hand. Plane tickets bought. Plane tickets for Mother In Law set...

I've been reluctant to post about it because it just didn't seem real. We didn't even have our passports or birth certificates in hand when we booked the trip.

The closer it gets the more nervous we get. Not so muchh because of the riding, as I think we can handle it. Though the last ride on my mtn. bike I rolled the tire off the rim on a turn onto a bike path so that doesn't do a lot for one's confidence. We're really nervous about leaving the kids. The longest we have been away has been 3 days. But they are good kids, and old enough and my Mother in Law is good with them.

The other funny thing is that we are going to have to re-learn how to relax. These days everything is always so hectic. I do not know how to do a proper group ride anymore. The last one I went on, I couldn't stand because of all the waiting around. How are we supposed to sit down to dinner for hours? It is supposed to be up to 80degrees at the Canyon floor. Cooler up top. 7500' elevation. Huffing/puffing.

We are really excited about it. We've never done anything this big before.

Mountain Bike Bill has some great pictures, movie, and description of his trip there. I don't think ours is as hardcore as his was, but it will be similar.


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