Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Designed failure

Did some intervals today designed to fail. Dave had suggested doing this to work on the cramping issue.

2sets 6reps of 1 on 2 off. 5 mins rest between sets

Did the first set at 340. well above what I did the other day. Took about 3 before the legs bogged. Switched to Slope mode (basically like road with a constant slope, Taxc measures power output which changes with speed/cadence) To avoid that bog down, plus it is supposedly more accurate than the ergo mode. Really couldn't hold above 330 for the last few of that set

Second set I tried something different
Ergo mode 320 W like yesterday but 1 min on 30seconds off. So insufficient rest.
Made a couple then pretty much bogged on each one after.

Cadences slowly drops till it gets below 65rpm then the power output drops and my legs just stop.

No nausea or anything, just dead legs.

But that congestion that is located way up in my sinuses is worse. It whistles when I breathe.


At 4:00 PM, Blogger Jeff Yielding said...

Thanks for stopping by the site Ashwinearl, did not see your post until today.

I do use a rear wheel computer to measure effort level based on cadence, gearing and speed like you suggested. This does help quantify things better than just HR. Wish I had a power meter but that is some time down the road before I will bit the bullet and spend that kind of $$.

The info you have posted has helped out a lot, it especially helps me compare what I’m doing with someone else who is following the same plan.

Coming off some recovery days, then start a 2 day MSP block on Sunday with a race (crit).

Keep on keepin on…..

At 11:20 AM, Anonymous James said...

You should try a Neti Pot for your sinuses. Its a warm water saline rinse, gets the junk out and soothes the sinuses. I have used one for years and it makes a world of difference. James

At 7:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used a neti pot for a while, made a big difference. Now I use a Grossan Hydro Pulse. Kind of like a nasal water pic. No more sinus infections. Highly recommended.


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