Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Anticipation vs trepidation

I used to stand at the top of the basement stairs before these interval sessions and just give myself a pep talk before going down. Lately I've been approaching them with more anticiaption rather than fear. Anticipation to see what can I accomplish today. Plus the weather is so cold, that it doesn't bother me at all to be in the basement.

I upped the quantity of intervals by 1 per set from last year's workout. So today I did 4 sets of 7x1on 1 off 5mins off per set. Man 28 1-bys is a lot. Ok I was scared of that.

Took some Sportlegs again this morning. I dunno, but I'm starting to think there is something there. Need a lot more testing and eval, but could be on to something. It's not like they make me superman, but they do seem to cut down on the burn.

Did all the intervals at 320W in Tacx Ergo mode. This felt too easy the first sets, but started to catch up the latter ones. Cadences usually around 100rpm sometimes dropping down to 75-80 usually accompanied with grabbing a smaller cog. I might have been able to do some at higher intensities, but just wanted to make it all the way through in one piece today. Though the very last one I decided to ramp it up till the legs bogged. With a good spin/cadence going in the Tacx Ergo mode it is easier to ramp up so it is sort of like cheating. If I was at 70rpm then ramped up they'd bog for sure very quickly, but I was at 110rpm or so. Every 10 seconds up by 10W. 350, 360, 370, 380W. Like I said, unrealistic that I could really turn that much but when done starting with the high RPM it is doable.

I also brought some energy drink down with me too. I haven't been using too much besides water in the past. Last year I downed a gel one day during an interval session and about fell over from a wave of dizziness. A few weeks ago I was trying a custom concoction of pure sugar and salt, but it left too sticky a feeling in the mouth. Back to the Power Bar endurance drink. It's been one of my favorite drinks because it is so light tasting.

Also had a muffin with PBJ right after. Decided it is pointless to skip breakfast for the sake of weight. I'm so hungry all day with these interval sessions. As much if not more when compared to 4hr easy rides. The weight will come off slowly over the course of the year if I am just consistent with a good balanced diet. I hope.

It is interesting how 1hr of riding can work you. I imagine my weekly totals are under 5hrs. Tomorrow is the last thing then a 5 day recovery period. Basically commute easy to work, then one day in there with 5x1min on 2 off, some days completely off the bike.


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