Saturday, February 25, 2006

Always on the verge of something

Every time a micro block ends, I feel like I am going to get sick with a cold. Chills, the creeping crud.

I got some antibiotics a few weeks ago for some upper level congestion, but they did nothing. My workouts are going pretty well and I feel somewhat strong during them, but after a 3 day block I just feel something coming again. This has happened several times. Thankfully it passes.

Seems that I have got something in the wings just waiting to pounce. I finished 3 days of intervals on Thursday. Friday I dropped a car off for service and rode to work then rode back to pick it up. I felt horrible on the bike. That night just felt so cold. Today was easy spin, didn't feel too bad, but am feeling a cold again.

I'm training well, I believe. But it is hard when it is so easy to compare yourself to someone else and the kind of training that they are doing. Next week I am only going to do 2 days of intervals than take a 5 day rest period
There will be some intensity in there and some short days but basically a vastly reduced schedule in order to supercompensate for the past work.

Then the trip.


At 1:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ashwin,

More sleep! I found doing the exercises first thing in the morning much easier to recover from than doing them before bed. When are you doing the intervals?


At 8:48 AM, Blogger ashwinearl said...

I am doing them first thing in the morning. Cup of coffee, then intervals. After Power Bar recovery drink. I had been not eating breakfast after that, but was so hungry later I'd just eat all day. So I started to have breakfast after the drink.

I am wondering about trying Recover Ease or something similar.

At 4:05 PM, Anonymous daradara said...

Ashwin, I've heard that getting proper carbohydrates into your body before, during, and after your rides is essential for boosting your immunity. When you do your morning intervals, do you have a carb drink? And definitely don't skip breakfast, even if you do have a recovery drink.

Have a great time on your Copper Cyn trip...enjoy every minute of it!


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