Monday, February 27, 2006

Training front

Fri - commute. Felt good in morning, terrible in afternoon. Cold windy, feeling sick
Sat - 45 mins easy road bike. Felt ok, dressed warm
Sun - 45 mins trainer av 200W (in regular mode not ergo mode) Opted for inside as it was cold and windy, and the cold has been aggravating this sinus congestion.

Mon - 2 sets 5 reps 3min on 3 off
Started at 270, then 280, then 290, 290, 290
300, 300, 290, 290, 290

I tried some samples of Sport Legs

this morning prior to the workout. The real reason I am trying them is because of the glowing testimonials. I love those kinds of endorsements where they hold up a bottle and smile.

No idea if they did anything. I 'guess' my legs didn't burn as much, but I don't think I rode like superman either. But then again, I did 3min intervals today at 290+ and the other day I was doing 2 min at similar outputs.

Now I can't stress enough that the numbers listed don't mean jack. But what is important is that the trainer is repeatable enough and the environment is similar (tire pressure, position, etc) that it is safe to say that 290 is has hard as 290 from one day to the next.

And the way I'm doing these intervals is I'm 'trying' to set the highest power setting where I can complete the entire workout. So it is promising that I did 3 mins at similar output that I was doing two mins at last week. How much of that is Sport Legs and how much of that is trainin effect is unknown. Though I've become a little skeptical of magic pilss, though I will try anything.


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