Monday, September 12, 2005

East Coast training Seminars

Just saw over at Jeremiah Bishops BLOG this advert for a coaching seminar in Bedford, VA offered through the Peaks Coaching group.
East Coast Conference

I've met Hunter Allen who founded the coaching group and has been at the fore front over the past few years in training with power. He had a lot of fascinating things to talk about.

One of the big wigs in Cycling- Joe Friel of Cyclist Training Bible fame will be there. Personally, I didn't find the Cyclisit Training bible to work too well for me as a self coached athlete, and as you know I have become a convert to the Dave Morris School of Pain. Dave needs to finish his Ph.D and get a real web site together so that he can get some Respec'. Cause if you don't have a good web site up and don't know Lance and have hats and Tshirts than you aren't Pro-Fesh.

Regardless of my experience in just reading Friel's book and trying it out, there is no arguing that the guy has some incredible experience.

It is interesting. A lot of people when asked if they have a coach will say "I'm not good enough to have a coach" Like you have to be at some semi-pro or some elite level or be an up an coming junior to have a coach. But over the last few years there has been an explosion in the number of coaches available for just about any sport.

I firmly believe that you should get some coaching as soon as you are serious to want to go into competition, It will teach you the basics of how the body works and how the body reacts to stress and recovery. No take that back, it will teach how YOUR body works and reacts. Having someone with some objectivity and to act as an outside motivator will help a lot. I only got a coach for the first time last year, and on a very very limited basis, just getting a 4 month calendar and two phone calls through the year. Not the most interactive but pretty affordable. Did a lot for me and my motivation. I am riding better than ever with half the time I used to put in.

Anyone who wants to improve and get better and doesn't want to waste time doing soemething trial/error could benefit. Most important thing is find one who you click with, whose philosophies you believe and and that you can trust. Because at some point you are going to be doing some hard ass interval session and wondering if this guy is qualified or just stayed in a Holiday Inn for his credentials. Trust me, you will love them and hate them. And you'll get that standard line when you ask why these intervals had to be so hard, "Well bicycle racing is hard, maybe you should go to an easier sport". But if it is more than just belly-aching, they also need to know when too much is enough and know how to make your body work the best through stress and recovery.

I'd love to go, but don't think I can afford it, besides I'm not a pro or anything! Right now some of the stuff is way over my head, and my problem is more just motivating to do the workouts. And plan out an efficient periodized plan that maximes potential for success at key races. But if you could go, I'd jump on it.


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