Friday, September 02, 2005

Pictures don't do justice

I took a camera out on our ride yesterday. Snapped a couple shots on some features. Pictures like TV never does justice to just how steep something is or just how fast you go.

Sorry for the blurry ones

Some roots

A short steep that often spins you out

Some of the very few even remotely buff sections

Some gardens on Gap mtn

the beast at the bottom

The climb up Dodger. my friend calls it an exercise in futility. This is considered one of those trails that 99% of people only go down. I try to climb it to just see how far up I can get. The Hollowpoint climbed farther than anything else. Had to walk 4 sections. I think it is doable and is limited by the legs/heart. But it is granny gear sitting on the tip of your saddle the whole way.


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I totally match with anything you have written.


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