Friday, August 19, 2005

Fantastic road ride today

Rode with John on the road bikes today. Can't believe it has been over month since I've seen him. I ALWAYS have a good ride when I ride with him. You know how when you ride with some people you just seem to ride to the occasion.

We were climbing some short steep hills in the valley, and my legs felt better than they have in months. We'd get towards the top of the hills, and he'd pull out these massive sprints. It is a good thing, cause I would never have had the motivation to do that. That takes some serious mental gumption to slog up these climbs and then sprint. It is exactly the kind of training needed for these shorter lap races coming up.

So it is either sit there, or go. You gotta pay to play.

Instinct reaction to go all out to catch and then hopefully pass. My lungs were bursting,

I think that inhaler is working cause I was breathing harder then I have in several weeks. On the hills I was able to grab the wheel and then pass.

But on the flat sections, no way. He just rolled away.

Definitely didn't eat right for this ride. One bagel in the morning and then some coffee later before the ride. Was going on fumes and jitters towards the end.


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