Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mentally approaching races with lots of transitions

This is the race profile for this next VA derailer series race at Danville:

650' climbing per lap, each grid line is 75'

Almost all my training lately has been longer climbs, longer downhills and longer single track sections. Mentally I can get a mantra going and keep try and keep focus.

That time trial at the Cove last month seemed to suit me well, if I could have stayed on course.

I've got to figure out mentally how to approach these courses which change from minute to minute, from climb to short dowhill, and back again.

It seems that on a more consistent course be it climbing or more rolling/flat single track that I can ramp up and hold a good pace and gap someone behind me. But with these types of courses I just can't keep it rolling as well.


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