Monday, August 08, 2005

The sock affair

In the vein of the Festina affair

from the Tour several years ago, a similar incident occured at the Tour of Regular Life this weekend.

In an unprecedented display of power the Tour of Regular Life (TRL)management performed pre-coffee raids on the Team hotel rooms, and informed the racers, that socks with holes and stains

(only a representation, the real images are too horrific to show the public)

are not to be worn for public functions or even around that house, and are to be used only for cycling. The Tour's and the Team's sponsors (Le Wife, and Le Family) are not being respected and are embarassed by the poor fashion sense of the teams.

And like the peleton's of the past, Team Married with Children's star GC rider Ashwin(big) Earl-ini led the peleton in protest and organzied a sit in at the kitchen before the start of the day's stage.

In the wake of mounting angst from the public (5 and 7 year old waiting for their Saturday Cereal), the Tour of Real Life organizers rescinded their ban on holed and stained socks from public display and indicated that they will not place decrees on public forms of dress anymore.

Team Married with children, Full Time Job, and No Genetic Talent, got back on their bikes and continued with the rest of the day. The public got their Saturday Cereal and the stage continued. Another stage in the Tour of Real Life has been completed.

To stem the dischord between the Tour Organizers and the Peleton, Ashwin Earl-ini decided to look for more socks to replace the holed and stained ones, and the set aside special socks to be used only for public dress and to not be used for cycling.

We feel that the unrest has passed and are looking forward to a great stages to come in the Tour of Real Life.

However there is a rumor from the press mill that the Team's Soigneur was stopped at a border crossing with a pair of casual khaki shorts that are worn in public with grease stains on them ( Chainring stains-the horror). At this point the rumors are unsubstaniated, but it may not bode well with the peleton.

Stay tuned for more reports from the Tour of Real Life.


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