Monday, August 08, 2005

2 day turnaround from Manitou

So remember my fork.
I sent it to Answer before we left for vacation.

I think they probably got it on the 27th. It left their place on the 29'th.

Not bad for being one of the busiest times in the racing calender.

Did they fix it? No. They just sent a brand new 2005 instead. Now that is customer service. Here I am racing and riding the fork for over a year. Most companies in the industry seem to give a 1 year warranty and after that you're on you're own. A lot of companies would say. Tough luck. That is regular wear and tear.


It is interesting how people rate companies. Especially bicycle component manufacturers. A lot of people will slam a company because something went wrong with a part or it doesn't work like they feel it should. It's amazing to see people slam a part after a year of hard riding on it. We expect a lot from our components but at the same time we don't realize how much stress and abuse we place on parts. Especially something like a fork.

I've been on Answer since 1992. And yes over the years I have had problems. That of course isn't good, but what I feel is a more important criteria for evaluating a company is how they dealt with the situation.

With Answer they have fixed the situation every time. Usually with little/no cost. So for the past 10 years I have had good customer service from them.

And for several years they sponsored our little grass roots team. Rock Shox wouldn't touch us.

Just my humble opinion. But that kind of customer service goes a long way.

So yeah, I was w/o fork for a little while every time, and it cost me shipping to send it in, and I had to get an RA# yada yada. but in the end it is always resolved to my satisfaction.

try getting that from Shimano.


At 11:31 AM, Anonymous Cory said...

The Manitou service center in Western Canada (Outdoor Gear Canada - AKA OGC) is great too. I brought in my Firefly on a Monday and my local shop had it back by THURSDAY of the same week. And this was in peak riding season as well and my story seems to be par for the course too...

Looks like Answer Products knows a thing or two about keeping their customers happy.


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