Thursday, August 04, 2005

slowly recovering, but from what?

So during our trip last week I got one 2hr ride in and one 1/2 hr ride in, that was it. Got back on Sunday, and started to try and get the legs back under me. I know that with extended time off it always takes at least 2-3 days to get the legs going again.

But every ride this week I've just felt like crap. Legs seem to have some tingle deep down but just won't turn over, and my chest feels constricted. But I'm not sick, not congestion in the chest, just difficult to breathe hard.

Today did almost 2hrs on the rigid hardtail. It felt decent but I also feel worked over. Granted it is a rigid with only a middle ring which puts more of strain on the body. But before this trip I felt really strong, now I don't

It plays with your confidence. And finally after months and months there are some races. Either Massanutten or one of the Derailer series on the 14th. Hope the legs and lungs come back


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