Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Are you a racer who is a parent, or a parent who races?


This is for those parents out there who are want to be racers.

It was pretty cool to see how touched Lance was to have his kids at the races. It works the same way for us regular folks as it does him.

It's such a hard thing to compartmentalize your life. You want to race, and you want to do well which takes focus and commitment. Both of which conflict with the rest of our lives. Such a tough balance to maintain.

But it's important to have your own dreams too. Kid's learn by example and if they grow up seeing mom and dad try hard to achieve a goal and staying fit and exercising the hope is that they will make it part of their regular lifestyle, and not turn into those highschool athletes / couch potato adults.

Hats off to all those out there making a go of it. Pros are cool to emulate, but it's those working stiff parents who really show how it's done.


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