Thursday, August 04, 2005

I used to be able to do this

Log Hopping

Man, I remember about 7 or 8 years ago I was riding at a technical level way above what I'm doing now. For a period of a year or so, I was able to ride over logs up to 2' high. Now-a-days I just don't have that touch. Well it's light touch timed with power. Well that's what mountain biking is in a nutshell actually, grace combined with strength.

Not touch I guess, maybe it's nerve. It's sort of hard riding towards a big log faster than you want to. You gotta be committed, otherwise you're gonna slam into it, or lock your brakes up right before and slam into it, or not pull up soon enough and slam into it, or not hop soon enough and slam your rear wheel into it. well you get the picture.

It's being commited to it where the problem lies. I know it isn't going to happen so put the brakes on in time to get off and stroll over it. Maybe it is time to relearn this skill and commitment

Check out that site for a great pictorial of log hopping. I have a link to a sweet movie to about it that I'll try and dig up, hop it is still there.


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