Monday, August 15, 2005

Going to the doctor tomorrow.

Since I didn't win yesterday I am going to the doctor to get checked out....Just kidding. But something just isn't right. Today, my chest feels real tight, and I can't take a deep breath. This is the same feeling I had right when we got back from New York 2 weeks ago.

And since then I haven't been riding all that well. I chalked it up to too much time off the bike, and also just focus and heart to push hard. But after yesterday, which just didn't feel great, and where I just didn't have the hankering for a hunk a cheese

to push into the see spots zone combined with this feeling today. I am thinking that I've got some sort of low level respitory infection.

Today I rode 2 repeats up a hill climb, and my legs seemed to be fine, but I couldn't get the to turn over because I couldn't breathe very hard.

There is a little congestion in the chest but not much. I've got some Albutoral I've been trying and it doesn't seem to be doing that much. Oh well hopefull nothing a little chemistry can't fix up.


At 7:16 AM, Anonymous Tim Grahl said...

Hey man, hope all turns out ok. Good luck!


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