Friday, September 09, 2005

Yearning for days gone by

Do you remember when mountain biking was king? When those pros got incredible salaries, and there were several mountain bike magazines, and it was just cool. So many little boutique makers selling the coolest anodized stuff. Onza, Real Design. Real is back making...what else... carbon road stuff. Oh boy! joy of joys.

Well it's not like mountain biking is dead. Just different. At least in other parts of the country it is thriving and growing in different directions. But here in this town at least. It's just sort of stagnantly laying around.

Does this bring back memories:

I am actually selling these guys on ebay right now. Trying to do my part to rid my world of clutter. Yeah right, whatever $ I get will go right back into bike parts that will eventually become clutter.

They have the nicest lever shape of any brake I've ever used. Pretty strong too. But I don't need them anymore and Sram levers have a slightly better modulation/strength to them.

The newest thing these days is building up retro bikes. It's the cool thing and the ebay prices for retro parts/frames highlights how popular it is. I lay awake at night thinking how much $ I'd get if I had a mint Whiskey Town Racer frame to sell.


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