Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The downside of hugeness

Riding up Oldfarm today. Looking for glory, looking for the PR.

Pressing hard on the pedals, hear a loud sort of thunk/snap similar to when your chain skips on a rear cog if it isn't seated all the way. Get off to see what's up, it looks ok, but it won't backpedal properly. Get back on to pedal and just turning air. The free body snapped on the inside.

Coasted to the bottom and called the wife and kids to come pick me up.

I'm using some WTB Laserdic lite wheels which are OE from American Classic. They don't have the best rep for durability esp. in wet conditions, but I figured they'd work for me.

All 135lbs of crushing power. Just hard on stuff I guess. I seem to break everything.

Now to fun part is figuring out what to do about warranty or just getting it fixed. First inclination is to send it to Mike Garcia-Odds and Endos. This guy is one of the nicest, best, and most reasonably priced wheelbuilders around. And he just bends over backwards to help. One time I sent in a rear hub to get built into a cross wheel. It was an old POS LX hub. He started to build it and saw that the axle wasn't spining right, and it along with all the bearing surfaces was shot. At no cost he just replaced it with an XTR rear hub and finished the wheel just so I could get it on time and get riding. Um that is a $100+ hub that he just gave me.

I figure he would know how to fix it, and just pay him to fix it and while there have him relace it with some double butted spokes and maybe a Velocity VXC rim or a Stans rim.

But for now I am dead in the water for the dually, and am back on the hardtail and road bike.


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