Friday, September 09, 2005

Juicy 7 review

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Pink Bike j7 review


I quite love my Juicy 7's. Have not bled them yet, but my hoses are way too long and I need to do that, and want to try some Goodridge hoses so will do it then.

Since I put on a narrower handlebar, I've been one-fingering with the index finger for braking. Before with the wider bar when trying one finger I'd get a kink in my hand. Now it feels much better.

One problem with the J7s is if you use gripshifters, the reach adjust screw is blocked by the shifter. So you gotta rotate to get access to the reach screw.

I did kink the rear rotor but with some truing it still works ok, but with some pulsating under light braking.

There is some noise when wet, but I haven't had too much of that brake shudder that juicy's are known for. Got a set of Galfer pads I want to try sometime.

They just came out with a Carbon lever Juicy7. They did need to bring the weight down on the system. They also need to fancy up the caliper package. As Marta's just LOOK good, the Juicy has made in taiwan look to it.


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