Sunday, June 12, 2005

Trival training

Back to the bikes

With impending travel and time off the bike, I tried to hit it hard before the trip.
Thrus-2hr hard road ride
Fri-took the rigid 8speed out to the pond. Hoping to ride hard enough to cramp. Figure with weds, thurs on the legs it won't take more than an hour esp in the heat and humidity.

The rigid was surprisingly fun to ride. The Kona project to is almost compliant for a rigid fork, granted I didn't go down any rough stuff.

3 laps of the Royale climb then back on the fire road. Legs are hurting, but come the 3rd lap they actually feel better than when I started. darn, have to stay out here longer
-Go to old gap trail and then come back on the gap side to the fire road. Still no cramps in sight
-another lap of Royale climb

-Then climb up the sidewinder fire road, told myself if I don't cramp on that than I have to climb all the way up the single track to the top of brush. Only have a 34 middle ring and 8 in the back, no granny to bail on.

No cramps so climb to the top.
Doable, but legs just die in some spots and have to push.
get to the top go to horsetrail, go as far down as the bikes are allowed and turn around and climb back up. By this time I am having trouble seeing str8 and I'm making funny noises. Add some casio tone techno music and it be out of an 80s porno.

Make it back to the car and am just standing there outside the car. 1000 yard stare into space. Worked. Beat. soaked in sweat.
Muscle cramps ellude me yet again, but I was close. I think If the legs were stronger I probably would have had it in me to push hard in order to cramp.

Built the dually up. Rode it sat up Old farm and then back down. Fun, interesting, lots of dialing in to do. Gotta relearn how to ride a bike again. It's got it's pluses and minuses. Coming down had my first Stan's failure. Cut in the tire that didn't seal. Messy flat change. when I get the position dialed in, man I can see how I am going to fly on the downhills. Was it me who was talking about throwing money at things to make them better. Well I take it back, it is no wonder people crave more and more travel.


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