Thursday, June 09, 2005

Achey knees

Not sure why but over the last few weeks my knees have been achey after rides. Not too tender like an overuse. My god how could I get an overuse injury given the low hours ridden? But some tenderness and low level ache. Nothing has changed position wise on the road bike. On mtb been messing around with pedals. Hope it is nothing to worry about.

Icing helps as does Ibuprofen.

Saw this in the Roadbike Rider Newsletter
"As much as I like ibuprofen, there's something better. I had my knee scoped in January. The surgeon said that he could write a prescription for an anti-inflammatory, but Alleve is exactly the same drug. His advice: Ignore the dosage on the box and take two Alleve instead. That would be the equivalent of the prescription dosage for a much lower cost. The cutter was right. Alleve is a great drug for swelling as well as pain. My wife complains that it's slow -- it takes her an hour to feel any effects (no cracks) -- but it works much quicker for me." -- Andy L.


At 1:16 PM, Blogger Love2Ride said...

Check your cleat tightness/position. Even a millimeter of slippage there makes my knees ache. If the cleat slips forward the front of my knees ache, if it slips too far back the back of my knees hurt!



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