Monday, June 20, 2005

Back home

Well 1 week gone, back home now. It is so good to see my family again and be back home. Though this morning the kids were at their usual antics and getting breakfast on the table for the little one was a chore in patience.

I want this (pointing to chocolate sauce and whip cream). Uh, no. 1/2 an hour later he finally picks his cereal out. And I gotta say that for a second I was starting to get pissed, but then realized that this is exactly what I was missing when away.

My Dad is doing wonderfully. They finished up his back surgery on Friday, and he took 4 steps with a walker on Sat, and on Sunday he walked around the nurses station in the ICU with the walker. They are moving him out of ICU and to a regular floor and then to a spine rehab facility. His heart is doing awesome and the surgeon thinks that it is better now than it was before he even went into the back surgery. It's like the $6million dollar man. New heart, new back.

Such a blessing in disguise to have found out about his heart condition in the process of this back surgery, but so much better this way then having a heart attack hit him out of the blue.

He's quite an inspirational person to me with all the diversity and hurdles he has had to overcome in his life. It would make quite a made for TV movie. The rehab to come is something that he will eat up and surprise all the doctors with his determination and fortitude.

Took the redeye in Sat night. Hardly slept at all. A couple in the adjacent aisle joined the Mile High Club..for real. I almost bust out laughing it was funny. I thought for sure they'd get busted by the stewardess.

It was nice to make it home on Father's day. Got a short ride in to try and get my legs back. Still working on the getting used to the dually. The stem is too short so the steering is real quick and I can't get enough weight on the front wheel. Got a 5$ special stem today to try out.

Trying to get back in the right timezone, I could have slept for several more hours this morning but the kids wouldn't have it.


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