Wednesday, December 07, 2005

PRQ #1 Nick Martin

This is the first post in the PRQ series.

Nick Martin

Nick Martin has just finished his rookie pro season on the NORBA pro circuit. While his results are indicative of the steady progression of a rookie pro, his BLOG: Ride With Nick Martin has quickly become hot spot in the cycling Blogsphere. Listed on many Blogrolls and being named to the coveted Blog of the Month at Bikeblogs the unofficial directory of Bicycle Blogs.

There is a very endearing quality to his Blog that has drawn me and many others in as regular readers which I am sure makes his sponsors happy. His humility, focus, passion and dedication to cycling shows a glimpse into the constant grind that is the cycling profession. He also has posted innovative audio blogs that you don't see often.

One of my favorite things is seeing the comments by his Mom. My parents never and still don't understand my cycling or racing.

Nick races for the Trek Factory Team. Which is probably the best development organization for XC racing across the country and has been the stepping stone for top racers such as JB, Sue Haywood and Chris Eatough. Trek Factory racers podium appearances are common across every region, and kudos to Trek for putting the time and monetary investment into XC racing when so many sponsors are leaving. I do believe that they are getting more than their money's worth out of Nick in terms of exposure and marketing.

Thank you Nick for your time. And to use the salutation that he does in his own correspondence:
Best of Rides!

The Questionnaire
-Who are your sponsors that you'd like to recognize
Check out, we are blessed to
have the best sponsors in the business

The Sponsors of the Trek Factory Team are:
*Editors note: I think Nick fixes up old Volkswagen buses on the side.
*Editor's note: Nick, Rap was meant to be heard from other people's car and with your newly pimped JBL system you can fulfill this requirement.
Nike Cycling
Zeal Optics
Lights and Motion
Cane Creek
Genuine Innovations
Mountain Bike

-How long have you been racing mountain bikes, how long as a pro?
Last year was my rookie season and I am in it for the
long haul...

-Where do you live and do you live there year round?
Boulder, CO. There is enough pro's here to keep you
motivated and the roads and trails are world class,
can't beat the weather either.

-What are your goals for 2006?

I would like to call the top 20 home. I am focusing
on moving up about 5 spots each year. In '05 I was
consistently in the top 25 and am going to just widdle
my way up.

-What makes an athlete a 'good investment' for a

We are constantly out there giving it 110%, each
athlete has their own way of making themselves
available and marketable but being an ambassador to
their sport is a must.

Bike Geek Stuff.
-What bikes do you race on? What other bikes do you own?
Currently riding a Trek Madone 5.9 on the road

cross bike,

Fuel 98

all bikes w/ specedsponsoredd
parts, working on building a fixed gear for the road
during the early season stuff.

-what aspect of bike setup are you fanatical about?
Bike set up, making sure all my bikes are the same or
fit correctly.

-How do you see XC technology changing over the next 5

Everything will be disc and full suspension, there are
still some hard core hardtail riders like JHK but the
fullys are getting so light there really isn't a
benefit to go hardtail anymore.

-What component or cycling gear would you pay full retail for if you had to?
Custom Shoe Insoles!!!!


-How many hours a week do you train?
anywhere from 12-28 hrs....

-Do you have a coach?
Nope, I read a lot and am really organized w/ my
training. Not that I wouldn't have one if I could.

-Do you follow a scientific periodized cycling
specific training program or 'just ride'

You definitely have a method to your madness.

-Do you use a power meter, heart rate monitor or
perceived exertion to gauge your intensity?

All of the Above!

-Do you strength train? A periodized plan specific to cycling or general lifting?
Very little, I am actually off to the gym right after
this but mainly I use yoga for strength and

-With late season races and festival events and
Cyclocross it seems like there is no off-season
anymore for the pros. How does this impact your
training season?

I took 9 days off this year... but I love to ride and
all I need is to mentally switch gears. When I don't
have to travel and race that is enough of an offseason
for me.

-How do you recover after a hard ride or workout?
The art of napping! Staying off my feet and staying

-What are your racing strengths and weaknesses and are you good at training your weaknesses and racing your strengths?.
My hip flexors

are weaknesses, as a cyclist I am only
strong in one direction, from side to side I am weak
so I am working on being a more balanced athlete.

-What is your nutrition protocol for a 2-2.5hr XC

Nutrition is a 24-7 plan, for a short race like that I
really just focus on eating 3-4 hours out and then
taking something in every 30 minutes during the race.

-How do you stay focused during a race?
No time not to be, the pro field is so intense that if
you sit up for a moment, 5 guys blow by you and that
is your race. You are on the rivets the whole time.

-What is your pacing strategy for a 2-2.5hr XC race?
Ballz out the entire time!

-Are you fanatical about your diet?
Yeah I try to keep my diet as close to 100% organic as
I can and staying away from wheat products and dairy.
You are what you eat.

-Do you have a job outside of your mountain biking

No, it is a full time gig as it is.

-How do you balance the stresses of regular life with training and recovery?
Try to eliminate them as much as possible. The best
athletes have the lowest amount of stress outside
training. Training is the most stressful part of my

-Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Coffee but I am not ashamed.

-What sacrifices have you had to make to pursue a
cycling career?

Every day you have sacrifices, school, family,
friends, work, anything that takes energy is
sacrificed that is why it is not for everyone.

-What advice do you have for those of us with
families, and full time jobs who want to race our

Focus on being an athlete not just a cyclist.
Consider yourself an active human being and seek
personal physical fitness do not concern yourself with
beating "john doe" go out there and give it your best.
Time is going to be your limiter so make your
workouts count, have a daily purpose.

-How do you motivate yourself to train and work hard day after day, year after year?
I love it, when I am feeling down I just crank some
tunes and it keeps me amped. Also having some of the
world's best athletes around you helps because you can
get out there and train with them and feed off of
the dedication.

-How do you deal with the pain of racing and embrace
the pain

Breathing techniques! Yoga helps!


At 10:32 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Great interview. Hope to see more. Guys like Nick are true inspirations to us "normal life" racers. Later.

At 2:02 AM, Blogger Bear said...

Been reading your blog for a while now. The PRQ is an awesome feature. Keep the good stuff coming!

At 3:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was/is a great idea. I've been reading Nick's blog for a while, so it was cool that his was the first interview. I'm looking forward to reading more of them.

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