Tuesday, December 06, 2005

In search of the Shampoo Effect

I'm going to add a new term to the lexicon of training.

The Shampoo Effect

For me the term originated in college in reference to the ability to easily regain a buzz after having stopped drinking for a little while. The re buzz was compared to the effect observed during the washing of hair when one showers. You can shampoo and rinse completely. Yet it only takes an additional small bit of shampoo to create a lot of lather again.

With regards to training: I am hoping for a Shampoo Effect in that my training this year is built upon the foundation from last year. My early rides this year have felt better than the same time last year. I won't know till I get into the intervals and have a power comparison to see how I am doing compared to last year. But wouldn't it be cool if I am stronger this year compared to the same time last year?

Those pros that have trained consitently year after year are building from one year to the next just like the build up throughout the year.

I don't drink much at all these days. But I do test out the shampoo effect when I shower just to proove it still works. It just takes a little longer to proove the theory wrt to cycling.


At 5:56 PM, Blogger mags said...

You should see improvements from year to year. At some point the rate of improvement will slow down and only measurable in 1/10ths of a %, but it should be there. If your training plan is put together correctly, one year will certainly build on the next.


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