Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Not sure if it's good or bad

Yesterday Intervals in the basement. 10mins of alternating 1min at MSP, 1 min at SMSP followed by 6 mins rest then 5x2on 2 off at SMSP. I cut the power by 10watts for everything cause I was feeling tired and just wanted to finish the workout rather than try and slog through at a higher power and not be able to complete all the intervals.

Today 1.5 on the mountain bike. Climbed OF (17:05 from creek to top) stayed in small ring for 1st half. Down Sidewinder, up Dodger. Dodger is pretty much a downhill only trail, but it seems to be rideable just really steep. The bike was climbing well and the rear was sticking, but the legs just couldn't turn over. It was pretty steep and the front was wondering a lot.

It is nice to have a new challenge in this trail. Riding the same stuff year after year can get old, yet I tend to do the same things over and over. It's good to mix it up and go up things that you don't think about trying. Plus it's good to hike a bike sometimes as a lot of races seem to have some hike a bike but in training you always know where to ride so you don't have to walk.

But I felt like crapola. My head was hurting, legs were hurting. Not sure what it was. It could be a good thing that I'm not recovered from the last block and that hard ride I did because that means I really worked it, or it could be a bad thing that my recovery isn't good enough to get me back with a few days rest. Well 2 days active rest than one more block and then next week will be a 4-5day recovery week.

Right now I'm doing 2 weeks on followed by 4-5 day recovery cycle, rather than 3 weeks on followed by 7 day recovery cycle.

Still dialing in the bike
notes: rear shock 125+/55-/rebound 3 clicks from full out.
This yielded slightly harsher ride because the neg pressure was lower. Still didn't use all the travel. Not sure if faster rebound is better or not. Seems better for small stuff but every now and then the rear kind of bucks you off.

Tried 135/115 last time. Felt pretty similar though a little suppler. That setting didn't use full travel either.

Front end still feels wierd. Almost washing in corners. Like I'm trying to steer the bars and am not leaning it. Not getting enough weight on the front. Not sure if the long stem is forcing me to get my weight too far back over the rear on the steep stuff to feel comfortable which is unweighting the front. Or if the fork just isn't compliant enough yet and isn't tracking well. I've got the 04 damper with the hole drilled in the check valve, but the grease in the SPV valve may be failing again and the SPV could be getting sticky. There was a real delay from answer in getting my 05 Evolve damper so I'm going to do that mod on the 04 again with removing the SPV check valve and see if that helps. The 05 valve should be here in a couple more weeks.


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