Friday, July 01, 2005

Training recap

Yesterday did 1.5 on the dually. I'm so obsessed with getting it dialed in and getting that mojo that comes from really knowing a bike, that I haven't touched my road bike in forever.

Today burned all my matches so I can take this weekend easy and spend it with family instead of playing the "Who gets to ride when" dance with my wife.

3hrs on Brush + 10 mins tinkering with adjustments. Gotta a creaky seatpost that I can't figure out. I am starting to get dialed into the Caballero and will post soon with lots of pictures and description of it. Still having some issues with the front end and the fork especially in turns, but am feeling much better climbing with it.

Also have been testing some samples of Elete. It's been 90%+ humidity and in the mid 80s here so its perfect weather to test out this stuff. I'll have a preliminary review soon. It's cramp stopping power can't really be tested until I race though.

Other things on the horizon include a comparison between Magura Marta SL brakes and Avid Juicy 7 brakes.

Here's the ride I did.
-Pond parking lot up Horse's Annex to Horse trail to Fire road
-Fire road to circle to new trail to Old Farm
-Down old farm, turn around time trial up it
-7 seconds shy of my PR. This included 3 dismounts and some walking. I'm still a little awkward on some technical climbing with the new bike, and also probably went too hard too early. I was hoping for some totally huge speed increase with the new bike, but I think once I get better with it the time will come down quickly.
-To the Beast. This trail is getting destroyed with the monster thunder storms we are having. Going down has gotten much more fun with the new bike. Going up at the bottom was a forget about it. Had problems with some switchbacks at the top so turned around and did them again.
-Down Side winder
-To Basin trail to road
-Road to Bowley fields
-Back on the interstate to Gap Trails
-To 3way intersection then Old gap to fire road
-Back on basin to parking lot

-Didn't bring enough gel, and didn't have any food. Was bonking towards the end.

-Pushing some pretty good gears so late in a ride like that, which is encouraging. Got some nice new callouses on my hands. My triceps are soar, my legs are fried. My lower back hurts. All good. I think if I'd been on the hard tail I'd be just a total wreck.

You gotta understand that 3 hrs at Brush is a lot of tough riding.


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