Thursday, June 23, 2005

Get some protein with those carbs


Waffles with some protein. Not bad tasting.

My sister talked to an endocrinologist and she suggested that she might be Insulin resistant. I checked out this book at BN.

The gist of it is that some people have a particular problem in dealing with insulin release in their body. This issue manifests itself in several ways: having a hard time losing weight, fat around the stomach, type II diabetes, hypoglycemia symptoms...All of which I have or people in my family have.

The solution according to the book is linking and balancing carbs and protein. It's something my wife, how has a masters in nutrition has suggested to in the past to me and something that I have succesfully been doing for the past few years after I started bonking from just eating cereal then riding into work. Adding an eggwhite, sausage or other protein has helped. But the book is providing a better understanding of the ratio of carb to protein.


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