Friday, May 06, 2005

Training wrap up

I finally got around to looking at my training from a top down view over the last 20 or so weeks. Since mid November when I started to ride some. Tallied the total saddle time. This doesn't include any strength training that may have been going on during the early months.

There really isn't much rhyme/reason to the chart. Early on got some endurance rides in. With some rest weeks thrown in. During the middle were the interval sessions, there are rest weeks in there but time wise it doesn't look like it. Than later transitioning into in season trying to get some more time in on the bike.

That 9 hour week was just lucky where I got in two 2:45hr rides in and then another 1:45 road ride.

For the most part weekly hours are under 6 with some being under 4.

The good news is that I can be competitive in the Vet Sport class with this which is nice to know that a regular joe can still hang in the races with limited time available to them. So all you working stiffs, with kids, take heart,

Like that dude in Water boy says:
You can Do it.

The bad news is that like any good athlete it's never enough. Always want to get better.


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