Monday, June 26, 2006

the H(#) ride

Blacksburg is blessed with a large number of hills nearby. They are all in the 5-15min range to climb. To get some 40min climbs we have to drive a little ways to mountain lake or Roanoke.

Years ago a local rider, Joel, made up this ride called the H5, The Hilly 5. Where you ride 5 of the hills around here. The great thing about the ride is that at any point in time you are only a few miles from home, so if you need to bail or the weather turns you can get home quick.

On Saturday I went for an H7. It depends on how you count them though what your total score is.

-Old Brush mtn Road (1point) Though I took it to the new road that gets into the new Brush mtn estates subdivision

-Brush Mtn Estates subdivision (1 Point) This is a new very steep road that climbs all the way to the brush mtn Jeep Road

-To Coal Bank 1st Hill in Preston Forrest- S. Jefferson Forrest Lane (1point)
(turn left atY then Right all the way to the top)

-Back down to coal bank to Pearman (1point) take to T then right to Preston Forrest Drive all the way to the top

-Back down to happy Hollow (1/2 point)

Down Harding, Right on Lusters Gate

-Woodland Hills the horseshoe (1/2point)

-Deercroft to Nellies cave all the way up (1 Point)

-Down Cedar Run, up Jennelle (1 point)

7 points

If I had more time I think I had one more in me to go back down the Valley and up Harding.

Others that need to be added:
Oilwell Road
Laurel Ridge
-Edison Lane?
Mossy Spring to Bishop (gravel / private ??)
-all of Nellies Cave
-Taking Bishop down on the other side of Mt Tabor


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