Saturday, March 25, 2006

SOLD: Custom Richard Moon Lugged Steel Frame/fork - Bayliss Paint

***Editor's note*** this bike sold within a few hours of posting it on the Serotta forum.
I should have asked for a lot more and probably could have held out for more. There are people who are willing to give their first born child for a Richard Moon frame, and some consider him to be on of the top 5 builders in the world.

Oh well, this guy is so happy it isn't even funny. He practically gave me his life story in order to convince me to sell it. And he said if I didn't sell it to him, his friend was probably going to beg and grovel to sell it. Nice feeling to do something nice for someone. But I got some good value out of it, and someone else is going to ride the heck out of it so everyone is happy.

This is difficult to do but here goes:

For sale: Custom Richard Moon Lugged Steel Frame and Fork (and matching pump)

This is a custom frame/fork that was commisioned from the Builder: Richard Moon of Folsom California in 1999. It was built based upon my static measurements.


Richard is a relatively small part time builder but he has an incredible reputation and has been placed in very high company. Classic Rendezvous considers him to be one of the Keepers of the Flame. The lug work on this frame is classic and understated

It was designed for the rough roads of Virginia. The ride is supple and smooth, yet it has some get up and go for the climbs. I do not race road bikes, but train often on the road and I wanted a smooth, fast, stable bike.

I have relatively long legs and shorter torso so the geometry was designed around that.


74 degree Seat Tube Angle
72.5 Head Tube Angle

Top tube (level) 50.5 c-c
Seat tube 52 c-c

Chainstay 40.7
Stand over 78cm from ground to top of bar. This is traditional geometry with a level top tube

Fork rake 1.7"
BB drop 6.5cm approx
Front Center: 54

Standard Bottom Bracket-English

Construction and Tubing


This is steel lugged frame. He used BOCOMA that were stamped in a press. Bocoma lugs are not made anymore and at the time he had bought some of the last supply.

*I have cleaned it better since the picture


Everest full sloping crown

Braze on Front Der.

Shifter bosses on the down tube

Reynolds 531 for fork
Reynolds 653 Record for main triangle
Reynolds 753 rear triangle

If you know anything about bikes like these than weight is not an issue. But since you are also a bike geek enough to know about bikes like these then secretly you want to know how much it weighs:

Frame: 3.57lbs

Fork: 1.3lbs

Richard sends his frames to the world known R. Brian Bayliss.

The color is known as WINE FIRE BLUE. The pictures do no justice and in the sunshine it sparkles.

The decals are all clear coated over with several coats and wet sanded between coats. You cannot feel the seam when you run you finger over them.

The lugs, except the BB, have been masked and painted an ivory color, with some gold accents on customized cutouts

The BB has been pin striped in gold.

This also includes a painted to match silca pump

This is a used and ridden bike. If you want a new pristine one then get in line.

It has never been crashed or layed down. No dents or major dings

There are some minor paint chips and scratches, and one major paint blemish.


The paint has started to rust on the internal cable routing:


On the underside of the left chainstay the paint started to chip. I sanded it down and put some primer on it. Yes I know it doesn't look good. Thankfully the only time you can see it is when you rack the bike on the car.

The answer to the eternal Why are you selling it question.

When I bought the frame, we designed it around my static body measurements. Recently I did a full Serotta dynamic bicycle fit. The results showed that I need a very small drop from the saddle to the bar, but contrary to originally thought I can also accomodate a longer reach. I can make this frame work with the new fit using a very tall quill stem or a long angled stem. But I think it throws off the look of the whole bike.

Not a good excuse to sell it I know, but as a good bike geek I am always changing bicycles. That being said, let it be known that I have owned this frame for longer than any other frame which says a lot.

I should keep it but I'm trying to do my part to simplify life and limit the stuff-if-i-cation of our lives. And someone else can get some serious joy and cachet out of this frame.

$25 shipping

Paypal preferred.

You can check me ebay feedback (ashwinearl) to see my track record.

email with questions


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