Saturday, March 18, 2006

Copper Canyon Tour: Part 6: Last Day of Riding

Today is the last day of riding.
When I got out to check on the bikes, the local farm animals got there first

On today's plate was a short ride to another mission that also houses a collection of very old paintings that look like they belong in Europe rather than in this remote part of Mexico.

On the way out there we passed by some locals. This is how the Tarahumara roll

We also hit up some old dwellings that are now used as livestock pens.
DSC00767 DSC00766

There were some cave paintings. Some go back a long time.

More shrines to wish us well on our last day

After the museum we hit some more of the sweetest singletrack around Cusare. Really fun with some technical sections on the way towards a waterfall.

A super steep grunt that was taking the last of the vapors out of my legs.

We rode this small singletrack right up to the waterfall lookout. All along the way were Tarahumara women selling crafts.

They make these belt type thingys with lettering. Square block font. I thought for sure that it was made in Mexico City. But here she is weaving in the lettering one thread at a time (quite fast actually)

Some more bridge crossings back to lunch at the lodge.

We packed up and drove about 1/2 an hour back to Creel, with one final ride planned on the sweet track above Creel. I think we had something left in the legs, but not much.

I love the riding around Creel. Lots of everything, all of it fun.
DSC00788 DSC00789

But steep.
DSC00786 DSC00791

One last over look of Creel

Then back home. Of course through some fun singletrack, then this loose super steep V that I walked down that would probably have been easier to just ride down with the back brake locked.

Sad to see it go, but we are so fried at this point. I was making a lot of mistakes and could hardly pull the bars up.

One last big Mexican meal and then we ship out for El Paso tomorrow morning early.


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