Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Almost as good as getting a new bike

Been having problems with my BREW hardtail- it's going on 5+ years old now. The rear wheel would slip under heavy pedaling pressure. Sent it back in to Steve to check out. I guess I'd had the QR set too loose a few times, which allowed the wheel to slip. This slippage eats away at the material on the dropout making it easier and easier for the wheel to slip regardless of how tight you set the QR.

He ground away material on the drop in the opposite direction so that the wheel will want to stay put. Hope it works. While there get it re-shot.

Almost as good as getting a new bike.
Getting your bike repainted.



My very first BREW had been Orange at one time (we are talking 7 yrs ago). During that time for whatever reason I was riding really well technically. I've speculated since then it was related to the color of the bike.

Over the years I've had tealish green, dark grey/yellow, purple, aqua, orange, brown, black, red, wine fire red, wine fire blue, white, and metallic grey bikes. Everyone needs a color, just like when you hear about women getting their makeup matched to a season... I think you're definitely a Fall complexion. I think Orange is my color

I'm always daydreaming of new bikes. Always have a tweak here and there. Ideally, I'd like to get a much steeper sloping top tube to bring the bars higher, taller headtube. Sub 3.5lbs Titanium. Modular or sliding rear dropouts to easily swap between geared and singlespeed.

But in the interest of our new desire for simplicity (that will last all of the next week or two) I'll try and cap that sh*t.

Presented by the Green-Grey Hawk superhero

His new decals are a lot cheaper than how he used to do it. The old style required clear coat on top so they kept their color much longer, These ones fade real soon.

****Edit*** Steve emailed and said that the decals have a coating that is used in Motocross racing decals so they shouldn't fade as fast as the last ones I had.

Can't wait to build it up again. The hardtail will always be required in my quiver. They are just so much fun.

After the trip to Mexico and seeing the single speed mafia in action, I've been thinking of trying that again. There is a slim slim chance that a gear combo will work w/o modifiction with my chainstay length, but doubt it. The other choices are a chain tensioner, which makes noise, and can sometimes be unreliable wrt to chain jumping. The third option is an Eno . Always something up my sleeve.


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