Thursday, October 06, 2005

Interesting power meter

If you haven't heard yet, power is the most popular thing going on wrt to training. Mainly because it is a quantifiable way to measure training. Heart Rate used to be the standard, but heart rate has a lot of variation based on outside influences. It does work pretty well when you are rested and fresh and it is affordable.

I really like doing my intervals on an Ergo trainer at set power levels. But off the trainer that only method I've been using to guage output is perceived exertion. You'd figure that after 15 years on the bike I'd be able to guage my output effort.

However, I've seen that in the races I just am not doing a good job of dosing my effort. I always seem to go out too hard and blow up with muscle cramps. I used the HRM to do my steady state power test on the ergo trainer earlier in the year, but have not used it on the bike. I think I ought to take it out a few times to guage hrm vs perceived exertion just to see how it correlates.

But I saw this listed in the Road Bike Rider weekly news letter.

It is a power meter that uses calculations based on things like wind, gravity, slope, elevation and acceleration. It invoves no hubs, BB, or chain devices, and can go from one bike to another. Accuracy is quoted as being as good as the other power meters out there. And it is priced low compared to Power Taps and SRMs.

The web page is Ibike Sports.

Interesting, I hope someone evaluates it soon and publishes their findings. If it works as advertised it might be a good thing for me to use off road in races to keep my raw cycling fury in check.


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