Friday, September 30, 2005


More here: Ibis Blog

5.5" at 5.8lbs for frame/shock. Amazing. Not sure what to make of the carbon. Looks wicked, but I think I'd destroy it given my talents for destruction w/o trying.

I'm torn between what is my dream bike right now.

*The IF is too cost prohibitive, even for dreams!!*

Iron Horse Azure with 3.5" of rear travel

or the Ibis

of course the Ibis is more chi chi, but I'm talking about matching the design to the application. The application being Brush Mountain. Rough trails, technical singletrack, lengthy climbs, some long downhills, rock gardens, some fire road. Basically the works.

Is 5.5" too much for all around? But on climbs the weight isn't going to be the slowing factor, it would be loss of efficiency to suspension travel. climbing up the rock gardens, I think 5.5" would be a little too much. But how much would the DW link offset that?

3.5" is it enough for the roughness of Brush. For the Beast. The Hollowpoint in 3.75" does pretty darn well on Beast. Not as well as the 4.75mode. But well enough to make it a viable option especially when speed from an XC race perpsective.

I'll keep lobbying for the 4.5" DW link with sub 5.5lbs frame/shock weight.


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