Sunday, September 25, 2005

Listen to the Goat

From Solo Goat goes PRO

the second you stop believing in yourself, you have failed. NEVER doubt yourself.

seriously, to think back a few years ago when i started all of this, all i wanted to do was to win one 24 hour race and somehow get a semi-pro upgrade.

so whether it's turning pro, learning another language, finding another job, etc - NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF.

So to all us MWC, FTJ, NGT who are just trying to make it the best we can. Keep on keeping on----> BELIEVING

And from one of my favorite punk bands: Face to Face come these words to ride and race by:

I Believe anything is possible
(Minor edit on my part, the song lyric said Believed-past tense as the song is angst ridden so they did believe but don't believe anymore, whereas for my purposes I believe that it should be present tense, as as of yet I have not given up and am trying eveyday to Believe -present tense)

Shoot the Moon
Hit or Miss
It makes no Difference


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