Monday, September 19, 2005

Sometimes you surprise yourself

Went to Oilwell road to climb it today. If I had legs I'd work it if not, just survive. After Sundays flogging, and getting a bad night's sleep again due to this head cold camping out I figured I'd have nothing.

But the legs were spinning good. Out of the saddle and they complained fiercely. I rode the climb, spinning as best I could, hardly standing at all, grabbing a higher cog or two but spinning into it and not standing and doing several power strokes.

Ended up with a time faster than I did earlier last week. By like 45 seconds. Sometimes I go faster by forcing myself to go easier. When I redline it over the limit I'll go slower in the overall picture. Lesson. In training it's ok to do that, but for a PR or race, it's better to find that spot that you can maintain.

Second time up it was just survival.

Now if I can just get my bike back together and see about all those changes I made to it. I need to get the feel back of that bike well before this race.


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