Friday, September 16, 2005

Finally an Azure review

There has been very little insight into the Iron Horse Azure

Iron Horse's web sight is so lame they don't even have the correct pictures for the Azure, but they do have the 2006 Catalog up

There was a real delay in getting the 05s shipping so there just haven't been that many out there. Finally someone from RS Cycles posted an Azure Review in a thread at

For some true frame porn check out

Diatech's Azure pictures

From a pure XC racing perspective the Azure seems to be the ticket. 3.5" of DW-link goodness. Light enough to be marketed against the Racer-Xs and the Scandium frames, but with the efficient pedaling.

I am still not sure yet which travel setting on my Hollowpoint I like better. The 3.5" seems faster and more efficient overall, but the 4.75 mode downhills and seems to climbs looser stuff better. I don't see myself going the Trail Bike route and am more an XC person, but if my skills improved some I could see wanting that 4.75" travel mode.

But if you're in the market for a new ride, I'd check this out for sure.


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