Friday, September 23, 2005

Bar end thoughts

So I put these stubby bar ends on the other day

The are old Onza's that were cut down years ago.

When I climb I often have my hands wrapped around the edges of the bar. So it is a very natural position for bar ends. And when riding with these stubbies, on any climb, my hands gravitated to them and it felt perfect for any uphill. Almost all my climbing is seated, very little out of the saddle stuff.

But any other time when not on the bar ends, my hands felt squished up against the sides of them, and my handling overall just didn't feel as comfortable. These ones angle in slightly, I wonder if some other ones that went straight out might feel better.

I took them off today and tried again. Handling felt much much better, and climbing still felt fine with my hands wrapped around the ends.

And there was this mental perception of the bars being wider with the bar ends on, even though my hands were actually in a narrower position. And this feeling of dread of when/if the ends were to catch on a twig/branch.

They is a performance benefit to them for climbing I believe. But in technical terrain, such as Brush Mtn where I ride, the overall benefit was reduced due to my hands wanting to be out wider and the fear of catching the ends on narrow track.

Oh well, back to the parts bin until I decide to try again.


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