Friday, September 30, 2005

According to plan-10 days on the dot

Things seem to be according to the peaking plan.

I did a mini-overreach of 3 days on 9/24, 9/25 and 9/26. Historically, it has taken around 10 days for the legs to really come around and start to feel good. I rest for a time and then start training again after those 3 days, but the legs are just not there for usually 7-10 days.

This really messes with your mind. Riding the same roads/trails at 1-2gears lower than normal, yet feeling the same. Not a real confidence builder.

But almost always a day comes where the legs just turn around and just click over like it is nothing.

Yesterday was that day. 10 days on the dot after the end of the over reach.

Went out to Old farm. Drove out, no warmup, and with a baked Ziti from Fazolli's sitting in my stomach like a brick. Rode up it just to get the legs going. Hardly went out of the granny. Sections I'd middle I was grannying, sections I'd big I was in the middle. The ziti didn't feel good in the stomach. Legs just spinning. Just ticking.

30seconds shy of my PR. Imagine if I'd had a warmup, and there was no Ziti in my stomach.

Going down was another story. I think the higher SPV pressure in the shock made the rear act weird, esp out of the saddle. It felt like the tire was too flat, but I checked it several times. The trail is SO loose with lots of small rocks on top of hardpack. Real sketch.

Of course I then spent 2hrs trying to air up a new rear tire. It never did air up with the Stans valve stem, so I drilled the rim and put in the Olymipic rim strip and it finally aired up. Not impressed with the valve stem method. Works for a lot of people but not me. I'd rather take the weight hit with the rim strip for the added reliability.

Rear rotor still dragging.
Middle ring replaced with Race Face. Shifts better but still not great. I think my BB spindle is too short. Maybe it is time to move on up to the splined BB world?


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