Thursday, September 29, 2005

Did I not predict Orange to be the cool color

Did I predict Orange to be cool for 2006 or not?

And OMG how can you get any cooler than Ibis returning from the ashes. And of course the prediction of carbon being big was a gimmee, but a carbon-Ibis with-----> Oh yes...Licensed DW Link Suspension

This bike and the Independent Fabrication's tungsten Electrode are zeroing in one what I'd consider the perfect bicycle.

That bike would fit the moniker aggresive XC to a T.

-4.5" of rear travel
-DW link efficiency in pedaling
-Light weight: 5-5.5lbs frame/shock.

Basically my Hollowpoint on a diet. The Giant Anthem is light no doubt but the rear travel is pure XC at 3". The Azure is getting there with 3.5" rear travel. The Ibis is going for the trail segment with 5.5", and the IF is getting there with 4" in the rear.

I think it is really cool to see some very well respected and chi-chi names allying themselves with the DW link suspension. Those guys wouldn't willy nilly risk their company reputation on a system that wouldn't live up to their standards.


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