Sunday, September 25, 2005

Training front

Legs are slowly coming back. Trying to dial in the bike, get the feel back. LOVE LOVE LOVE that bike.

Messing around between the travel settings 3.5 vs 4.75. Shorter travel was slightly faster on timed loop, but the trip down the BEAST in long travel today sealed the deal to stay in Long travel mode for the race. It was so much fun bombing down that today. I was flying trying to NOT think about crashing, and just think about holding it together and breathing. What a rush.

I can tell the legs are not fully recovered from Last weekend. Which is good, It is still important to tax them a little, and they will recover through today's workout while at the same time still recovering from last weekend.

This is a really tough time mentally because you want the legs to be ready to go, but they are not, and the race is one week away and it really shakes the confidence a little second guessing if they will come back. If it goes according to plan, by about Wednesday they should be back online. Then it becomes a matter of ramping it up but not doing enough damage that it needs much recovery. Today's ride from the perspective of handling was good for the confidence.

But I'm still going back and forth on what shifter to use. I went back to the halfpipe but something isn't right with it, it is taking way too much effort to shift it, but the housing is pretty new. And it isn't shifting as positively as it used to, so I think it is trashed. I'm gonna put the trigger back on for the race.
I still have to think too much when shifting with the trigger, but it will come soon. Well it better. The shifts are more positive but they feel delayed between the time you push the trigger in and the time it shifts. But it does shift it well. It isn't in the best position for my thumb, but that is what X0's are fore.

Gonna put some Oury grips on too.

I used to use them many years ago, but then went to thinner grips in the belief that smaller hands need smaller grips. But recently tried them again on the hardtail and the cush of them felt good w/o hurting the hands. I think the narrower bar has helped a lot with getting my wrists/fingers in a better position for breaking which has lessened the hand pain a lot. Most of my hand pain seems to come from breaking hard in rough ground. And the extra cush of the Ourys will help with that.


At 11:32 PM, Blogger Adam Lisonbee said...

I have been riding the Oury's this year, and I really like them. And I hear you on trying to get kids to ride the bike. My daughter is all for it some days, other days she hates it. It's like walking on egg shells trying to encourage her without pushing her to far.

Oh, and a timeout bench...good idea. We just use the rug by our front door LOL.


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