Thursday, May 22, 2008

more PD4A thoughts

So Keith or anyone else on this Paleo thing. I need suggestions for meals.

What do you eat for breakfast when not riding that day? Egg whites and fruit is all I can think of.

How do you cook up enough meat/fish for lunch/dinner every day? Do you cook up several at once and use leftovers over a few days.

What are you cooking up? What fish, what cuts of chicken, what cuts of steak, other meat???

Any suggestions for keeping the cost down?

Snacks? What are you snacking on between meals? Fruits/vegetables snacks seem to make me even more hungry than if I don't eat at all. Nuts are working a little. what else, Yogurt? beef jerkey?

For your paleo meals, have you cut out bread/pasta all together or just cut back compared to the typical cyclist big plate of pasta?

I'm about a week into it. Trying to make it to 3-4 weeks to truly assess it. The difficulty in pulling it off is readily apparent. It takes effort to have meat/fish/vegetables for 2 meals a day. Snacks of fruits/vegetables are not satisfying from a hunger perspective. Transition period is creating general low energy. However blood sugar spiking is not a problem. Scarfing some carbs 10 min before riding has helped a lot


At 4:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about the Paleo Diet for Athletes for a while now and have just bought the book, so will be giving this a try also.

I am watching your posts with interest to see how you get on!

At 4:03 AM, Anonymous aqui said...

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