Thursday, June 14, 2007

Notes to self-skills


Notes to self.

-Chimpanzes keep head level while swinging through trees. Tilting head down engages the evolved part of our brain and triggers thinking. Thinking is bad when mountain biking

-Body/brain react faster to things seen in peripheral vision--drag racers/christmas tree

-Downhill corners are equivalant to ramps. Brake before the ramp so that you can take advantage of the gravity of the ramp. By braking in the turn it's equivalant to braking half way through the ramp.

-When leaned wheels want to stand up under braking

-Forget about concept of permanence of memory. Just focus on seeing the shape of the trail and don't worry about 'spotting' an obstacle first.

-when climbing, bend more at waist, keep palms open on top of bar to keep from pulling back on bar. Scrape pedal forwards at top of stroke, back at bottom of stroke.

-log technique
-front wheeel loft
-throw weight forward to unweight rear wheel
-thrust bike forward/hips back

-Riding roots usually closer to the trunks is better

-Key mental triggers to help on the trail
-MOTO (elbows out, chest low)
-Vision (head up, chin out, look into the distance)
-flow (loose grip, loose elbows)
-separation (from bike)

Personal Practice routine
-coaster wheelies x3
(stick on ground, vision at horizon)
-rear wheel lifts x3
(unclipped, stick on ground, vision at horizon)
-Jhop x 3
-wheelies x3
-Endless w/focus on bent elbows x3 laps
-Endless w/focus on vision (looking 2 cones ahead) x3
-Endless w/focus on hips/separation x3
-Trackstands 3x30seconds
-if available, mock switchback x3
-climbing 3x30seconds
(open palms on bartop, bent at waist)
-if available, log hopx3
-braking drill x3


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