Friday, June 08, 2007

Bleed notes

Got a lesson on Juicy Brake bleed from Ian at the shop. 12 pack of bud gets you a lot these days.

Much different than Avid instructions but seem to work ok

Advanced Auto Silicone Dot 5 fluid (purple)

-Fill up syringe 3/4 full
-do the bubble trick to remove bubbles once or twice
-remove any bubbles

-Lever horizontal
-install empty lever syringe
-with syringe open push out pistons with box wrench
-lever vertical
-pull fluid and any air out
-put caliper syringe on
-push from bottom pull slightly at lever
-close both syringes
-with lever horizontal remove syringe
-top off with fluid if needed
-remove caliper syringe.


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