Sunday, May 20, 2007

Race Sim 5-20-2007

Refer Here for details on course.

Date: 5/20/2007

Time: 8:30am
-Kid came in bed, woke me up at 4:30am so I ate then went back to sleep till 6:30am

Weather Conditions: Ideal. Lower 60s at start mid 70s at end

Trail Conditions: Ideal except for 3 downed trees on first singletrack

Bike Notes:
55psi in rear SPV
28-30psi front and rear
Race wheels with bolt on skewers
Front fork felt a little bouncy

Pre Ride Nutrition:
-Had some Yellow rice/chicken to help add carbs w/o overloading on the sweetness.
-Yogurt/Grapenuts Trail mix
-2 pancakes with PBJ
* this was a little less than I'd normally eat before a race

In ride Nutrition:
-Camel bak
-60oz of Gatorade Endurance (2scoops/20oz)
-Drank about 45oz
-3 sport legs at -50minuts
-5 sport legs at start
-5 sport legs at +50minutes
-5 sportlegs when finished for recovery
-Ensure immediately after for recovery

Start-Finish: 2:36
*6 minutes faster than last years race.

Track A:Interstate to Trillium

Track B: Gap Singletrack
23:55 * fastest time so far*

Track C: Down Royale

Track D:Joe Pye to Sidewinder
24:45 (slight detour around some hikers)

Track E: Down Sidewinder

Track D: 2nd Time
*almost identical to first time. Good pacing.

Track F: Down Beast

Track G: Queene Ane to end of Trillium

Track H: End of Trillium to FS Road


-Bottles are easier to meter drinking, but too hard to deal with on FS. No obvious bonking but did feel lower energy in last 20 minutes and handling was off. No stomach upset even at the end

-Amazed at how high a gear I was turning. Felt easier and faster to stay in middle ring on several grunts that I've always gone to the small ring on. Even the last grunts on the way to the finsh I was able to do them in the middle for the first time ever. No doubt sport legs lets me push this hard. The couple of times I'd gone to the small ring actually felt slower.

It seems to be more a mental roadblock than a physical one. The fear is burning out the legs and bogging down. A couple of times I did bog from being in too high a gear, but more often than not it was better. And the bike felt like it pedaled better in a slightly bigger gear

-Felt overall really strong and steady. Must be from all the road riding. What was lacking was the ability to spin up and also attacking the rollers on the fire road. Had to just get to a good gear and spin up it. Workouts have been neglecting leadouts and other mtb specific work over the last months.

-Dropped some Sport legs had to stop. very slow dismounts over some trees.

-Going down Beast was so fast at the top that my helmet was pushed back from the wind. Scary fast.

-last 30mins were very hard. Just able to go steady unable to even push too hard.

-No glasses, eyes were dry and itchy.

-Back in love with the Azure. Had been flirting with the hardtail for a bit, but Dually built up light is the way for now. Light wheels are key. Giving up on the heavy training wheels.


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