Thursday, March 29, 2007

patiently waiting for the wave to roll in

Dirty Dawg mountain bike race coming upon us April 1. How in the world did it get to be April sooo fast? It seems like just a little while ago when the off season started.

As always, I'm starting to get nervous. Fear and lack of confidence are part of my preparation. Though all indications based on current training are saying that things are going well. Stronger than last year (relative to myself of course).

Today was some 2on 1 off-2 sets of 8. Started the 1 set off at a higher power than I'd been doing the 2min ones a few months ago. Did the first set, but started to bog the second set.

Right now the legs feel sore. Yes there is a race coming up but it is important to remember that I'm also training for the race on the 15th and the ones in May, June, etc... The soreness isn't anything to worry about (I hope), but it makes me nervous nonetheless. I'm trying to set up a small peak for Sunday. My legs always feel a little wierd right around now. But I'm hoping by Saturday that the peak will start forming and be ready to go on Sunday.

I don't surf or anything, but it's sort of akin to waiting for this wave to roll in. And when you hit it right, you're riding it high and strong.

Trying to get my head screwed on straight for the race. Get focused. Firm up the game plan.

-Get to my sustainable pace asap.
-hold it steady. stay FOCUSED. NO pre-writing BLOG entries while racing.
-go into red as needed for tech sections
-drink 1small bottle/hr
-get the Sportlegs in at the right time intervals
-Stay in my sweet spot and ride my own race for the first 1.5 laps.
-Last 1/2 lap call on teachings of my personal life coach and finish strong murmuring and babbling under my breath with that funny look on my face that looks like a smile but is really a sick stomach feeling.

I also purchased some Motivation in a Box (rocky triple pack I II III) to be opened up the night before


At 10:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good- luck on your race, i also have a race on the always looking forward to your description of your race always a good read.

At 1:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ashwin, glad to hear you are going to do the Dirty Dawg, I am getting pretty psyched about it too. I went to pre-ride the course the other day, and it seems pretty fun overall. Most of the course seemed to be doubletrack or wider, so there shouldn't be too many problems with bunching up or falling in behind other riders like tends to happen in the tighter singletrack races. If my past racing tendencies hold true in this race, what that means is that I will be crawling up climbs at a snail's pace while other riders fly by me :-)

I stored a GPS track while I was on the course, and put it online at for anybody who wants to check it out. Of course, it isn't official by any stretch, I could have taken a wrong turn somewhere, or not ridden the course exactly as it will be during the race... so take it with a grain of salt. An elevation profile of the same course is at See you out there... Good Luck!!



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