Monday, March 19, 2007

Training update


Sat-40mins on trainer with some Zone 2

Sun 2 sets of 5x3on 1 off.
-Tried them at 300W only did a few successfully. Kept at it and usually made it to 2 or 2:30 before failure.
Legs just tired and dead.

As you can see rest is only 1 minute while the interval is 3 minutes. Earlier I'd been doing 3 on 3 off at the same wattage. First we developed the capability to produce higher power for 3 minutes. Now I'm trying to develop the ability to still produce that power but to do it with insufficient rest after each effort. This is the essence of mountain bike racing.

Mon: 1 set of 4 reps of 6 on 4 off
-Dropped down to 280 for this. Doable, 'might' have been able to do 290 but just wanted to succesully complete the whole workout so didn't bump up.

Legs feeling soar but the workout went ok. These workouts are interesting because they lie in the transition between SMSP and MSP. There is a certain wattage where above it I will burn out quickly, and below it I can go signficantly longer. My line in the sand is around 280-290W on the Taxc especially when under fatigue.

Maybe a short/hard one tomorrow or maybe into the rest week.

Then comes another transition point. Moving into the more 'in season' work. Here is where we take all the foundation efforts I've been doing and start tweaking them specifically for mtb racing. Though there is a twist this year. I'm doing the Mountains of Misery century ride with John and my wife. In order to prepare for this some mtb race specific workouts will be replaced by long distance rides with lots of hills.

The durations of the training in the week after the rest week will be curtailed a bit due to the upcoming Dirt Dawg race on April 1.


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