Friday, January 12, 2007

From Famine to Feast

XC Racing in Virginia is ON FIRE for 2007.

Not 1, Not 2. Wait there's more... but 3 count them 3 race series. And a Ginsu knife set and bamboo steamer.

-The return of the classic VA State Series. Now known as the
Virginia Series
-Dragon's Back
-Middle Mountain Momma-Douthat State Park

-A New series with some seriously kick as races.
Series 5 Mountain Bike Series
The series 5 race kicks off with the Dirty Dawg on April 1st at Mountain Lake.
-The Carvin's cove Commonwealth Games and the Hillclimb Timetrial

-And the Virginia Derailer Series
-This series includes some very fun races with lots of great positive mtb energy. Super for developing racers and painfully fast for advanced riders.
-Top of my list is the Poor Mountain HillClimb
-If I could only do ONE event this year, this would be it.

You have no idea how stoked I am. Years and years ago when I came to VA, XC racing was king. Mountain biking was cool. Then mountain biking racing died down and a few years ago it looked pretty bleak here. But now, wow. It's coming back.

Look for lots of posts about the upcoming races. Some of my past history at these events (always a comical read, especially what happened at the last Mountain Lake race), pictorial previews and some training tips for newbies to prepare for these races.


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