Sunday, October 08, 2006

still no PR

Yesterday I tried the Azure with a rigid fork on Old Farm. Good time at 17:20 but still shy of the pr of 17:08. Today I ran the rigid fork on the hardtail and tried again.

Definitely not on today, like I was on Wednesday. Wet conditions, lots of bobbles and walked 3 sections that were ridden yesterday. Time: 17:23.51.

It's definitely the person and not the bike. The PR was sent on the Hollowpoint which is 2 pounds heavier than the Azure and 3 pounds heavier than the Hardtail. It was set in May. It's October now, I'm definitely stronger/faster. But the stars just haven't aligned yet to break that PR.

Took the rigid hardtail down Beast. Ughh that was slow and scary. On rolling singletrack and technical single track it is fine with the front disc. But long extended downhills like the Beast. Forget about it. For other more talented people yeah.


At 7:41 PM, Blogger gwadzilla said...

I did some similar efforts a the local Wednesday at Wakefield where I compared my times one day with a rigid single versus my geared monkey
the times were different
there were people to pass
the differences on those courses were negligible

other than being less beaten up with the front fork on the geared bike

I am on the fence for the Panorama Paranormal

been a while since I rode on dirt
longer since I was on my single

cross has my attention right now


I think I am hosting a kids halloween thing in my backyard that night
as saturday makes more sense than friday

more time for set up

more time for fun!


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