Thursday, July 07, 2005

Awesome link to DIY on the Juicy 7

Here is a great link on the step-by-step process for replacing the worm gear kit on a Juicy 7 lever. Kudos to the author.
Juicy 7 worm gear kit install

And kudos to Sram/Avid for making these kinds of small rebuild parts available. A lot of people would be pissed at the brake for having to require such a process. Expecting that the lever should function perfectly for as long as they own it. I on the other hand appreciate that stuff breaks, stuff wears out, and the manufacturer can choose to provide replacement parts or not. If no replacement parts are there, either they say tough luck, or if they are good they'll replace the whole thing for you. But where does that trashed lever go. To the dump. At least here the majority of the unit is functioning properly but one piece is broken.

Regardless, it's just cool to be able to take apart your lever, replace a part, put it back together and go ride.


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