Monday, January 31, 2005

Run away, live to fight another day

Had a day off Sunday. Worked around the house, didn't do any riding. I really should have spun for a little while, but got busy w/ other stuff.

2min intervals this morning. I tried them at 310W

From the beginning I knew something wasn't good. Legs were tight. Damn I should have done something easy yesterday.

2min on 2 off x 5, 2 sets with 5 min between sets

First set was ok, not great.

2nd set I died after the 2nd one. Just hit a wall, and could not turn the pedals at that power. Tried the third one at a 300w, but damage was done, so just called it a day.

Any # of reasons why I could't do it:
Power could have been too high
still no recovered from first block of intervals
tired from weekend
coming off no activity day before

These days are bound to happen, but you wouldn't think after only a few days of intervals.

Oh well, call Stuart Smiley up, and get a does of Gosh darn it I am good enough, and try again tomorrow.

On Saturday, I'd done some intervals (7x1min 2 sets) and then later we went to the gym because they had this kids thing for an hour. So I figured I'd stretch and do some abs.

I was so tired. Could hardly do anything.

Wife wanted to walk the track a few times, She walks fast. I hung for one lap then said cya and read a magazine in the lobby

Oh yeah, we are working it now.

It's just growing pains. It takes me a little while to transition into these intervals.

It is interesting that the actual interval time is relatively short, but doing them at a known power setting, I think, gets me to do close to the maximum amount of effort that I could do. It's good for time efficiency.


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